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Join the Course Today!

Welcome to The Full Use Kitchen

Welcome to Creating a Full-Use Kitchen, an online course by the James Beard Foundation - created with founding support from the Rockefeller Foundation, served up by Morton's Salt®, with Food Waste Tracking Partner LeanPath - and designed to introduce food waste reduction methods into the culinary school classroom. This course is intended to complement your existing curriculum by providing information on the history of food waste and creative approaches for combatting it.

Online Course Highlights

  • Creating a Full-Use Kitchen provides technical and creative approaches to food waste, and examines the need to reduce food loss along the entire supply chain.

Your Certificate of Achievement Awaits You!

Designed and taught by leading chef educators, this program delivers detailed video instruction in the foundations of cooking. Certification through Rouxbe is a mark of achievement and an important part of showing your commitment to a professional path.

Recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation as an Approved Program.